Adventures in Building a Website: Part Two

Even with a WordPress theme, I feel like I’m in over my head.

I started off with this theme, but realized it was just WAY TOO BIG. CAPACIOUS.
website vsn 1

As you can see, there’s just way too much SPACE. This is a tiny little clip, but still…it’s just really spread out. I thought it looked weird, so I tried a few other themes and settled (for now) on Pinboard:
website vsn 2

This, too, isn’t exactly my first choice for a web design…but I like it better. I’m considering changing the background to a different color so it doesn’t seem so…I don’t know, stark?

The problem, it seems, is lack of visuals. I’m not a visual design person, and my work doesn’t lend itself well to visuals. So I would have to use somewhat unrelated visuals, I suppose. It seems really boring without something. But what? What can I use that’s not created by my work?

I’m open to suggestions, y’all. Kinda feeling stuck here.

Also: I can’t figure out how to add any little widgets or whatever they’re called. Hopefully that problem will be solved in class tonight.

Y’all, building a website is HARD.