<insert obligatory “Ain’t nobody got time for that” gif here>

I have not inserted the obligatory “Ain’t nobody got time for that” gif above to facilitate my own crude and I’m sure original bit of irony: I simply don’t have time for it.

I don’t have time to go tracking the gif down, then figuring out whether I can remote source the image or if I have to download it, then once downloaded, figuring out how to incorporate it properly into this blog post, and all the while wondering if I’m breaking any sort of copyright laws or trespassing on any intellectual property, either for the original source of the gif, or the guy/gal who made it into a gif in the first place…

And I’m sure the simple argument against this is, “Actually, yes, there are a number of people who have time for it.” KT’s blog (<hey, at least I had time to make up that brilliant hyperlink) is a wonderful shining example of a deft skill in everything that I seem to have no time for.

But really I don’t. I’m typing this frantically in the 10 (scratch that, just looked at the clock, 5) minutes before I have to get to one of my classes, after which I have a mountain of work to finish in the next couple days that I don’t know how I can possibly complete unless I just don’t sleep – which I probably won’t anyway because if I try, I’ll be too busy worrying about all the things I could be doing rather than sleeping.

The general prompt that instigated and ostensibly pushes forward this blog stands behind my professor saying that “You don’t need to make the entries perfect, or polished or anything like that. You just need to do them.” Or something like that. I don’t have time to pull up the blog for the class, find an exact quote and paste it in here. <Ain’t nobody got time for that.gif>

Which seems to be a bit ironic considering that once something goes online, it becomes available to a massive audience and, arguably, can never be deleted or destroyed. Of all the places one’s writing could appear, it seems to me that the internet is the absolute worst place for one to skimp on the polish, or thought, or care. But, say hello to irony again, the internet is filled with people at their sloppiest and people at their worst… as I perhaps am now.

It is one of my goals, yet another one of my tasks, to bang this blog out till the end of the semester in spectacular form, writing 3-4 posts a week to make up for the miserable dearth of work I’ve presented up to this point. But just know (you interwebs, you faceless audience that could consist of everyone and no one, knowledge of my rhetorical situation be damned) that I do not do so willingly. That is, I am not comfortable with this image that I am presenting to you. Instead of paparazzi waiting behind bushes to snap the opportune picture and paste it to a “what do they look like without makeup?!” tabloid article, I am putting my phone camera up to the mirror in the morning, snapping my untouched face, and presenting it for the world to see with full knowledge of the lack of presentation. Just don’t ask me to be okay about it.

</genderbending metaphors>
</great, now I’m late for class>

<I told you I didn’t have time for that.gif>