procrastination, there’s an app for that

Smart phones help us do so many amazing thins, all in one small, convenient, and mobile device. I am usually checking email, updating my files in dropbox, reading books on my Kindle app, etc. However, I am more often using my phone as a venue to procrastinate from work. I have apps to my social media sites, e.g. Twitter and Instagram, which I check constantly. But now I have found a new app to ensure that I am just as unproductive as ever. The little demon app is called iFunny. It is hilarious and addicting. It’s just a collection of funny, strange, and entertaining pictures, and you just scroll through them. And then you scroll, and scroll, and then pretty soon you look up, and you have lost 30 mins of your life that you will never get back. But you can’t delete it, because it wants you to look at more funny pictures. And even the ones that aren’t that funny, you have to look through, so you can get to the funny ones.

Like most other things that I go through on the internet, this will just be phase. I can totally quite whenever I want to….