Instagram and Self-Validation

Last semester in my Living Through Technology class we had an assignment that required us to pick a technology and a human experience and complete a research project that show how those two things interacted with one another. My technology was Instagram and my human experience was self-validation.

I was interested to look at how a social networking site that is so visually based connects to our own need for self affirmation. The image and the gaze are powerful forces in the human psyche, and it is interesting to think about how those are now being manifested in the digital age. I was also interested in how this differs between genders.

Instead of a traditional research paper, I attempted a blog. But it was my first attempt at one, so it ended up being more of schizo paper. There is still a lot more on the subject that I just did not have time to explore, but this is something that I would like to try and research more in the future.

Here is the link to the blog, where you can see all six posts.