The power of apps

Why death is not the end of your social media life introduces an app that allows “you” to update your Twitter from beyond the grave. This app uses algorithms to extract your writing style and interests and essentially creates a primitive rendition your thought process;  then, this app Tweets and posts from your account, which is supposed to help loved ones cope with your passing. Interesting, yet freaky and unnatural.

The next article, Sealed with a Thumb-Kiss? introduces social networking apps on the market that exist to give your technology-mediated relationships a personal touch, to help kindle your love life, or even connect with friends. Some of the apps mentioned include Avocado (for sharing calendars and agendas, compiling photos, and sharing thumb “hugs”),  Duet (for proposing activities to your lover and friends– more personal than a chat because you make requests using video. This app claims to store your cherished memories forever), and Couple (a combo of Snapchat and texting). All of the descriptions for the apps on iTunes emphasize their ability to help you connect with your loved ones on a deeper level, through your phone.

Although it is nice that, with these apps, couples can show affection to one another without encroaching on public spaces of the online world, such as Facebook and Instagram. Allowing users to incorporate visuals may even help them feel closer to the ones they are communicating with, but I am not completely sold on the effectiveness of these apps. Simultaneously, I can see their appeal, especially for couples in long distance relationships.

Overall, these apps are all attempting to fill voids created by physical space, large or small. They really make you realize how important it is to enjoy and cherish the face-to-face time with your significant other because no technology can recreate the “real thing.” At the same time, because we’re not joined at the hip with our loved ones, these apps may make the technology-mediated interactions more personal and meaningful.