My Workflow

About me

My name is Sanglin Lee and I am a first year masters student in English at Virginia Tech. Although my academic background is in English, which many people seem to associate with being technologically challenged, my personal relationships and academic interests in professional writing have exposed me to a wide array of technologies. This has led me to change my digital identity from a tech-savvy digital immigrant to a born again digital native.


My MacBook, iPad, and iPhone are at the center of my life. I use them to do everything from getting news and watching TV to doing homework and creating lesson plans for my freshman composition class. I have at least one of these devices within reach at any given moment in the day. This gives me the power to stay connected with my networks and allows me to access any information and entertainment I need, wherever I go.


Prezies are the main teaching tool I use as a freshman composition instructor. I consider them to be a more engaging and effective teaching tool than PowerPoint, solely based on my personal experiences. Prezi has also showed me the convenience of cloud technology as it allowed me to access and project my teaching materials using another computer when I left my the VGA adapter at home.

I also use programs in Adobe Creative Suite (PhotoShop, InDesign, and Illustrator) and Microsoft Office regularly as a writer for Virginia Tech’s Department of Building Construction. Microsoft Publisher is on my list of programs I hope to master in the future.

My limited knowledge of HTML and CSS allowed me to format and publish an article online called ‘Trees and Water’ that I wrote for print during my internship at the Virginia Water Resources Center. My knowledge of HTML and CSS was also enough to create my own personal website as an undergrad. I hope to continue honing and expanding my computer skills during my free time.

Dream set up

Although my 3G network has been a lifesaver on the road and in my own home, during the many internet outages, I would like to have a constant, reliable, and fast connection to the web everywhere I go. I would also love a device that is small enough to carry around everywhere, like my phone, but is as convenient to work on as my laptop.

I have tried taking notes on my phone and have experimented with many reminder and list making apps but have not found one that works with my lifestyle of organized chaos. Many days, I wish that one of my devices could read my mind, take notes, and organize them rather than me scribbling them down on random scraps of paper.