The Setup

Following the examples of these guys, this is how I get stuff done.

Who Am I? (kind of a loaded question….)

My name is Shelby E. Ward. I’m a graduate student in the Department of English at Virginia Tech. I am also the new GTA for the Center for the 21st Century Studies. I love traveling, writing poetry, and drinking caffeinated beverages, most notably in the form of coffee.

Also an Aries.

What hardware do I use? 

I have a computer (PC), iPhone, and for the remainder of the semester I have an iPad on loan from the college for my digital self class. Since getting the iPad, I opt to take it to class instead of my computer. Although, when I need to write up a paper or anything else that requires a lot of typing, I’ll break down and bring my laptop. I’m really going to miss that iPad. I haven’t named it though; trying to not get too attached.

I always have a notebook and pen with me to scribble down ideas, lines, or bits or poetry. (paper and pen are still technologies let’s not forget.)

Oh and headphones, it’s hard for me to write if I’m not plugged into some music.

What software do I use?

Welp, I have Windows 7 on my PC. Along with my internal hard drive on my computer, I also keep my data stored between Dropbox and Google Drive. I have recently been trying to store bibliographic information in Zotero. I don’t use my computer for a whole lot more than typing up papers, poems, and other research material. However, in my writing  for the web class last semester I found Komodo Edit to be a useful text editor for me.

What would be my dream set-up?

Honestly, I just wish I didn’t have to have so many electronics. If a laptop and an iPad could have a baby, and then someone would like to give that to me for free, that would be awesome. Like I said before, I like to travel, I want something that can move with me but I also want something that I can type easily on. I know they are starting to make computer/tablet hybrids, but once again… free? College student. But I believe that my dream set-up would be something that could better facilitate the interaction between paper and screen. I’m not quite sure what I mean by that, but it’s something that I am now thinking about, since you asked.