Final Project

By now, you should have your final project set.  By Thursday, submit a paragraph to me via Canvas in which you give a synopsis of the whole project, then a list of products and suggested criteria for evaluating them.  What will constitute a success?

1. What is the site (URL) you will create or revise to manage your professional identity? What are the key features you will create or revise?

2. What is the medium of your project?

3a. What are the intellectual goals?  (eg making a set of analog archival materials on X subject publicly available over the web by digitizing and curating them.)

3b. What are the aesthetic goals?  (eg Having a basic, clean, and easily navigable site with meaningful metadata about the archival materials and full-screen viewing.  Making the archival materials available in high enough resolution that they can be scrutinized for research, not just for reference.)

3c. What are the technical goals? (Using an out-of-the-box content management system (CMS), adapting some cascading style sheets (CSS) and hypertext markup language (HTML), and using Dublin Core metadata schema).