Week 2 Blog Post

1) Choose your favorite podcast [of any type] and episode, and explain why you like it – the narrative format, the tone and personality, the scholarly/public balance. Pick out one moment in particular that illustrates your point and talk about it. 400-500 words.  Include links, pull quotes, even embedded media if you can — start learning html post-by-post.

2) Habermas — Yet to be set.  Discussion leaders are Eleanor Boggs and Emily Harmon.  They will post their question tonight and students should respond by tomorrow 11:59pm.

Note: in the upper right of the composition window, there are two tabs — visual and text.  Visual is easiest, but text is the actual html you can put in and allows greater control.  Toggle between them to see the difference.  Feel free to compose in the text mode.  Copy your post before you tweak the text/html, because you might break something.