social media week

Some thoughts as I wrap up my social media week with a few last posts (plus rain-drenched provisions for our class):

— My week fell during the Day of Remembrance (and the ten year anniversary of the events of April 16th ’07). I wanted to be very careful not to look like I was remarking on this opportunistically. This is a huge deal in social media — it’s really tasteless when publicity outlets appear to use a catastrophe, or even just a major event that’s unrelated to their beat, to gain more “likes” and followers. Of course, it’s also important to note things like this. I’m hoping I did a decent job.

— Not being in the History Department, and also being somewhat outside of the world of Public History (except for this class), I struggled a bit with figuring out what to post. I stuck to some interesting articles and tidbits about state and national history. Hopefully this didn’t seem too boilerplate or generic.

— I found myself wondering what other platforms would be useful. Tumblr seems to be waning in popularity, and I don’t know if VT Public History would make for a good Instagram account (let alone Snapchat). A publishing platform like Medium might be useful, but I think having a self-run WordPress is even better.  I think Twitter is more powerful than Facebook, and strategizing how to get more followers might be useful for @VTPublicHistory.

Now, onto converting my podcast to an mp3…



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