Social Media Assignment

I was assigned to contribute to the Public History social media sites during the week of Spring Break. As I thought about what would be good to share, I decided since it was Women’s History Month it would be good to share interesting facts about Women at Virginia Tech. Facebook provides an opportunity to draw people’s attention to historical facts and provide a link to further details. I also posted about the film “Hidden Figures” which was playing at The Lyric Theater in Blacksburg – providing another opportunity to celebrate women’s history – and get some free popcorn to boot.

At Reynolds Homestead we use Facebook to promote our activities. We recently began adding “Interesting History Facts” on Wednesday and we are launching a “Throwback Thursday” to share old photos, some of which we will ask our friends to help us identify people in the photos.

We’ve also found the Facebook “Boost” option a good way to reach a larger audience for events. During this past week, I “boosted” a post on an “Old Time Music and Dance” concert and for $18, much less than I would pay for a newspaper ad, I reached 1,368 people – 77 of whom engaged in the post and 10 shared the post with others.

Twitter is not a social media outlet I have used often, because the majority of our patrons tend to respond well to Facebook, we tend to focus our efforts there. I can see where it could be useful as we attempt to grow our number of younger patrons.

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