Social Media Review

I worked on social media last week, so I wanted to write a post about what the week was like. Starting out, I was more comfortable with Twitter because I’ve been using Twitter most of the year for the VTHistoryMA account. The Public History Twitter account is really simple to use because the account follows a lot of people who share public history content. It’s pretty easy to find interesting articles that they’ve shared and then retweet them. It was a little more difficult to create original content, but I think I was able to strike a good balance between retweets and original posts. It turns out that most of my original posts dealt with podcasts, but I think that’s just because it’s what I listen to everyday and because of our class projects. The best advice I can give for the 15 tweets is just to get started early. It isn’t a lot, really, but it definitely helps to get started ASAP so you can find good content over the course of several days instead of retweeting just anything to get your quota.

I struggled more with Facebook. I haven’t been using Facebook as much, and the way that it’s set up lends itself to more substantive/important posts (maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how it makes me feel). I had to brainstorm for a while about what kinds of things I could post on Facebook. My first thoughts were “happenings in the history department” which Ellen already does on a weekly basis. The next thought was to go for current event sort of things, like the upcoming the 100th anniversary of the US’s entrance into WWI. I think that post was the most successful – it was informative and timely.

I think social media is all about being consistent: posting consistently and posting consistent content. I haven’t really delved into professional social media other than having a LinkedIn, but it might be something I need to invest my time in over the next year.

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