My Week in Social Media

It’s amazing really just how much of my time on social media was based on reacting to current, social events regarding public history. Sure it’s in the term “social media” but felt different from my normal interactions in social media because I was representing more than just myself in my posts. I went into my week controlling the social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter with some minor concern over what I should be posting that would be acceptably in line with previous posts. That quickly became less of a concern however as my very first posts where reminders for the Public History Address and Panel from the previous week. Following that I stuck with a near theme of funding for the public humanities which was a narrative that seemingly wrote itself out over the week.

The most successful posts I made were regarding this theme. The first being the importance of Ken Burn’s Civil War documentary for funding of the public humanities and the other being the passing of David Rockefeller, the son of the founder of the Colonial Williamsburg recreation and a philanthropist towards the site in his own right. Both of these posts on Facebook were by far my most successful and it’s clear why. They’re important news and both are underlined with the worried tone one would expect when cost-cutting Republicans are in control of the federal government.

As for Twitter I feel my time on there could have gone far better. I’m not too experienced on the platform but I thought the best means of success was to retweet current content from larger institutions, mainly from the Smithsonian and Digital Humanities. Perhaps a more direct responsive approach would have been better, yet I also question that to an extent as well, since I would doubt I would get much a response of if that was even appropriate. In any case, playing a small part in further spreading news stories over social media from this perspective was fairly interesting to me. If I have any advice to anyone who has yet to take the helm I would suggest latching onto key news in the moment.

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