Podcast News

First, all should recall that we backed up the due date for the podcast a week — the final cut is now due April 20th, and the rough cut is due April 6th.

When we launch the podcast series, we will also launch a site to host the podcasts and contextualize our work.  This means you will have a blog post/page to submit to go along with your podcast.

This should be 750-1000 words and should be visual and data-oriented, including at least two data images.  You will expand on and contextualize the material in the episode — giving the written support for your audio podcast.  You will also indicate where the sources are that you used through citation/links.

When you refer to an election result or a public opinion poll in your episode, you should put the data into a chart of some kind and visualize it.  Further, you should consider going beyond just the race that you refer to — what are some comparable races in the state?  Contextualize the material in the episode.  By the same token, if you are talking about the demographics of the electorate, you can map it and include it in the post.

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