Why I do research?

Throughout my high school and undergraduate education, I was immersed in an academic environment and regularly interacted with scholars embracing scientific knowledge as a tool to solve important problems and promote the role of science in the improvement of human health. For this reason, I am inspired to pursue an academic career where I can generate and disseminate such knowledge.

PhD research: Proteomic and metabolomic studies of the role of Legionella pneumophila in drinking water microbiome

Chemical, physical and biological components of the built environment influence the growth and prevalence of the opportunistic pathogen, L. pneumophila. As part of my research, I am trying to decipher the molecular mechanisms that this organism use to respond to this biotic and abiotic factors. To achieve this goal, we are implementing mass spectrometry based proteomic and metabolic analysis that give us a profile of the physiology and metabolism of this organism in the distinct conditions of interest.

Master research: Structural and mechanistic studies of flavin dependent n-hydroxylating monooxygenases.

Due to the increase of antibiotics resistant organisms, there is a constant need of new biologicals targets to treat pathogenic infections of microorganisms. One such target, are the n-hydroxylating monooxygenases associated to the biosynthesis of siderophores, essential molecules needed for microbial infection. In my master research, I studied the enzymatic mechanism of several model enzymes to better understand its function to potentially use it as drug targets.