Short thoughts on banning technology in the classroom

I believe that in our day and age, it is very hard to completely subtract the technology from our classrooms. The new generations have an innate need for technology when learning. If we think about it, every time we don’t know something we quickly google it or watch a YouTube video about it. Personally, as a student, or even in work related meetings, I constantly look in my phone for concepts and visual aids that help me understand the context better. Therefore, depriving the students from their day to day learning tools might be detrimental for them. Furthermore, as we have discussed as a group, technology should be used as a tool to learn in class. For example, in the course I teach, I include several questions the students need to answer in real time using their devices. If the students are engaged in the classroom they will not get distracted with their phones and laptops, even when they are using technology for learning or not. Lesson plan and course design are the first tool to overcome some of the hurdles associated with technology in the classroom.  Although there is some data that suggests that technology might be detrimental for learning, I think the benefits outweigh them. In summary, I am a supporter of technology in the classroom!

One thought on “Short thoughts on banning technology in the classroom”

  1. Thank you guys for your perspective on this topic. It is an ongoing discussion that needs to be had especially today when technology has become a necessary part of our world.

    I would tend to lean to the side that says let’s have them in the classroom. To start, I believe they make everything more efficient. Students can turn assignments in more easily than asking them to write on a physical piece of paper. It’s less likely that materials will be lost. In my public speaking class, we used to have most of our assignments from a course guide that students would have to get and then we would ask our students to fill out specific pages from that book, tear them out, and turn them in. At times it felt like an archaic way of doing this. During this online semester, students have been turning everything in on Canvas. It’s much more efficient and makes it easier on both the students and professor. I hope we can keep the organization this class has produced even after covid and we go back to being in person.

    There are drawbacks as you guys mentioned to allowing technology in the classroom. There will likely be students who use it as a distraction from what they are actually supposed to be doing. My feelings is that at the end of the day especially in college we have to treat students like adults. They are paying to be here, and if they do not want to take the class seriously then it is not our problem. We can only do so much to get them to care. It is in their court ultimately. The pros that technology can provide outweigh the cons.

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