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“Scheduling, Delay Analysis, and Project Controls”

During my master’s studies, I worked on topics related to control systems, project performance assessment, data envelopment analysis, and uncertainty. These topics led me to the measurement of forecasting performance and project performance metrics. This research was centered on the problem of cost overrun and delays, a recurrent issue worldwide within the construction industry. Because some causes of these deviations include deficiencies in control systems, poor project monitoring, and inaccurate cost, and schedule estimates, I focused my research interest on control techniques and project performance assessment and metrics. The ultimate goal of this work was to provide project managers with alternative methodologies that will allow them to properly assess and control project performance.

Specifically, I worked on two research projects. The first sought to define and evaluate timeliness as a forecasting performance index for waste management. The second sought to propose an index, based on the entropy of information, to measure the performance of forecasting methods from the uncertainty associated with their predictions. Currently, I am part of a research project that seeks to identify, assess, and validate best practices crucial for the successful completion of accelerated construction projects or Flash Track projects.

Research Projects:

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech

Research Assistant:

  • Project: Flash Tracking for Accelerated Project Delivery. Phase I and Phase II. VDOT. Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017. PI: Dr. Jesus de la Garza
  • Project: Flash Tracking for Accelerated Project Delivery. GDOT. Summer 2018. PI: Dr. Jesus de la Garza

Department of Civil Engineering, Universidad Industrial de Santander

Research Assistant:

  • Project: Timeliness as a Forecasting Performance Index for Solid Waste Management. Fall 2015 – Spring 2016. PI: Dr. Guillermo Mejia

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