Active Learning

As an instructor of the construction management course at Virginia Tech, I taught students what construction management is in a completely different way. I wanted them to learn, differently, what they really need as future construction professionals moving away from the traditional educational approach in which most of the engineering courses have been taught for decades.

Active learning seeks to engage students in the learning process by incorporating meaningful activities. The main goal is to provide students scenarios that allow them to analyze and apply class concepts/content to real-world situations.

Students’ Comments:

  • “Love the course, keep doing the in-class activities they were very helpful and a nice break from the 1+ hour lecture”.
  • “I think these activities were great and help in understanding some key concepts about construction management. Additionally, it was great to have the experience to work with groups because that is how it usually works out in the real world. We have helped each other in our teams/company to success and this type of activities help with developing those skills to effectively communicate with other teammates”.
  • “I think that the activities were a really good way to engage the class because sometimes the lecture material can be a little boring. The activities were also good because you figured out what you knew about the topic and what you needed to work on”.

Active Learning-Based Activities:

  • Negotiation Play Role
  • Scheduling with Sticky Notes
  • Work-Breakdown Structure with Sticky Notes
  • Intro to Scheduling: Spaghetti¬†Tower
  • Poster Session
  • Mentimeter: To¬†gauge the status of understanding

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