Get Yourself Noticed: Why Marketing is Relevant for Aspiring Engineers

Marketing is a relevant topic both for brands and individuals. In our increasingly interconnected world, marketing can make a vast difference to companies aiming to attract new customers and professionals aiming to find work.

First, let’s have a look at what online marketing is since it is becoming an essential tool in today’s modern world. Online marketing refers to a set of tools and methodologies used to promote, products, services, companies, or people on the Internet. Companies spend an average of 35 percent of their marketing budgets specifically to internet marketing [3]. Undoubtedly, they want to increase profitability and acquire new customers.  

Online marketing has altered the marketing sphere enormously. According to the Adobe 2016 Digital Trends Report, 76% of respondents felt that marketing has changed more in the past 2 years than in the previous 50 [1]. The various online marketing channels include social media, search-engine optimization, and email marketing. Global spending on digital marketing is expected to increase from $200.8 billion in 2015 to $306 billion in 2020 [2].

Although online marketing definitions include “people” as a market to promote, nowadays, people neglect the fact that they can market themselves online too. So, why don’t take advantage of this possibility? In the past, it would have been hard but at present, the technology and the internet offer us so many tools that we must use it!!!

With the increased demand for skilled marketing personnel in the economy, marketing majors will see on the rise at third level. In fact, the Ivy League research university, Cornell University, the Business, Management, and Marketing major is in the top three most popular majors at that institution [4].

If we do not market ourselves, how will people know about us? about our work? You could be an expert in your field but if no one knows about, what is the point? That’s why lots of professionals are now deciding to supplement their traditional college majors with a masters in marketing, such as the importance of marketing in so many modern vocations.

Anyone navigating the modern business world should understand a bit about online marketing. As engineers, we should understand how to market ourselves, our projects, and skills to attract new clients or employers and expand our network. Networking is key! Marketing tools provide an invaluable means to make the whole process of online marketing more straightforward.

You may be wondering how to start. So, let’s go through some resources and marketing tools that can get you started with marketing as an aspiring engineer.

Where To Begin?

Two resources you can use to begin broadening your understanding of marketing are:

  • Neil Patel—this successful online marketer runs his own blog on which he publishes many relevant and helpful tips on internet marketing. Particularly useful are his blogging tips, which you can use to start your own successful engineering blog.
  • Copy Hackers—this helpful website equips you with the tools to write effective marketing copy, which can help you better market yourself as an aspiring engineer.

You can also consider some of these tools to help you with marketing:

  • Lusha: Lusha is a lead enrichment tool that provides professional contact information at your fingertips. This tool simplifies networking and outreach for engineers by automatically grabbing contact details from social profiles, including phone numbers and emails, saving you lots of time.
  • Buffer: Social media marketing is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. Buffer provides a platform for scheduling social media posts, letting you connect multiple accounts to one dashboard. This makes navigating the different social media platforms much easier, helping us build up a social media presence or reach out to more people easier.
  • Google Analytics: If you want to better understand your target customers or markets as part of designing a system or product as an engineer, Google Analytics provides a slew of data for free. The different options can be dizzying, but even an understanding of the basics can provide insight on what people want.

Few aspiring modern professionals can maximize their knowledge and their earnings without at least a basic understanding of marketing, whether that entails marketing themselves to prospective employers or knowing how to market a new product. As engineers, we can help grow our network, improve our job prospects, and become more well-rounded employees by learning some marketing fundamentals. The available marketing tools like Lusha and Buffer can make the more laborious aspects of marketing and client outreach much more straightforward.  


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