Active Learning Should Be Around the Corner in Higher Education

Don’t you feel that even if you are interested in learning you cannot keep up that excitement until the end of the class? Instead, you feel bored, tired, or sleepy. So,

Are we preparing the students for the real world? or Are we just transmitting them things that they never are going to apply in their careers?

Long lectures should be avoided since the average span attention of a person is around 15 minutes. If we continue doing that, we are not only wasting our time but also failing in our mission of teaching.

You maybe be excited hearing that active learning is around the corner in Higher Education. Unfortunately, we are far away to have such approach, on a daily basis in a classroom, especially in the engineering field. Nowadays, we need to find new and innovative ways to teach the new “digital generation”1. As professors, the challenge that we face is to figure it out how to spend the time in the classroom1. Lectures are becoming an old-fashion and ineffective approach to teach.

Active learning is a need in the classroom. We have to engage students so they enjoy the learning process. At present, it seems to be difficult to move forward from the traditional educational approach in which most of the engineering courses have been taught for decades. Why? Changes require a lot of work!

Would you be willing to spend a lot of weeks re-thinking and re-designing your traditional classes?

Although is a lot of work and not an easy task because we have to very creative, it is time to make the academic learning relevant. Don’t you think so?




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