Teaching with Twitter

The average human being’s attention span between ages 18 – 35 is close to 15 minutes. Hence, it seems obvious why for students is very difficult to keep their attention after having been seated for more than an hour in a classroom by listening to a professor and looking at a lot of slides.

Taken from https://elearninginfographics.com/active-learning-and-student-performance-infographic/

To overcome the challenge of keeping students’ attention and retention, active learning becomes an indispensable approach in the classroom. Active learning engages students in group discussions, teamwork, group problem-solving, and so on. It promotes a critical thinking and a practicing environment where technology/internet/social media can play an important role.

At present, “Networked Learning is an approach where technology/internet is used to help students connect with others or with valued learning resources1. So, the question is not why to use technology in class? Instead, the question is how to use it? As professors, we have to guarantee that students will gain the knowledge and skills that they will need as future professionals. Sometimes, it seems easier to incorporate technology or social media for teaching specific sciences rather than for teaching in engineering. Don’t you think so?

Despite social media is everywhere I am not quite familiar with most of the available apps. So, I decided to get some ideas about how to use Twitter for teaching. Maybe, it brings my attention and I start to use it. The following infographic gave some ideas. What do you think? Is it applicable to an engineering class?

Taken from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/504614333232541029/

I really liked the idea of analyzing the statistics of a viral tweet. This is very creative and I am pretty sure that it will engage students a lot. The idea of sharing the statements so students can receive feedback from other students can be also applied in a research class. In my case, I would like to use the hashtags so in each class we can have 10-minutes discussion about the questions and/or opinions posted on Twitter regarding a trendy topic related to my field. I believe that this kind of activity will help students to develop their critical thinking.

1 https://www.igi-global.com/dictionary/networked-learning/20217



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