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      1. Hi Dr. Nelson,

        Sorry for the delay with the comments and the picture. It should be fixed now so I will send the message to have the feed updated!


  1. Thanks Table 4! This looks really cool but I can’t figure out how to open the image and zoom in to be able to read each note. I hope we discuss your ideas in class tonight.

  2. Very creative artifact, guys! I agree, I would like to hear more about the creation / intention of this work in class this evening. Looks nifty!

  3. Personally, “do it with them, not for them!” resonated most with me. Many of them I obviously could not interpret–wish I spoke all the languages of the world (anyone remember that ‘Teenage Robot’ episode?)

    As a tutor to students and facilitator of many experiential learning activities, this is something I have to remind myself of ALL the time. Students can’t truly learn if I do not allow them to take the lead.

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