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HyFlex: A new trend for teaching in the 21st century

2020 has been a unique year in terms of a rough transition to online spaces and how we use online technologies. All of us had to adapt to the online teaching and learning environment, which is traditionally not seen as effective as the in-person environments. On the other hand, some educators observed improved performance, better […]

Pedagogy for a Cause

When I first started studying Information Systems (IS), as a former Industrial Engineer, the first thing I did was to figure out what IS scholars study. Roughly speaking, the field is mainly focusing on technology and how humans and technology interact. It blew my mind when I saw various papers about various uses of technology. […]

Digital Pedagogy: Recontextualization of Online Teaching

Online courses sound like a very recent phenomenon due to the pandemic, and it really is – even the most anti-online professors had to transition to the online context. I bet it would be very difficult for a professor who teaches the same material for the last 20 years with minimal virtualization. However, as Todd […]

A Problem-Based Discussion on Problem-Based Learning

Problem-Based Learning is at a very important position, especially in Engineering programs. In this blog, I am going to talk about a Senior Project course at my former department (Industrial Engineering) to draw the importance of factors that are impacting the success of the course. I was on the committee of that course for three […]

Is Culturally Relevant Teaching just Good Teaching?

While I was reading the article of Ladson-Billings about culturally responsive teaching, the reaction of teachers to her advice made me think: what is good teaching? Culturally responsible teaching is good teaching, but is it “just good teaching”? Is good teaching equivalent to culturally relevant teaching? Does culturally relevant teaching require more than “just good teaching”? […]