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  • Future of the Universities: A Big Room for Improvement

    As a Ph.D. student who has 5 years of teaching and research experience in two higher ed institutions, I would like to mention a problem that I observed, which is challenging for both researchers and the institution: Expectation Alignment. Research institutions want to make themselves better with higher rankings. This is possible with more research […]

  • AI in Teaching: Grading

    Grading could be a tedious task since it requires quite some time and attention. Especially with a high number of students in a class, high repetition is needed. Also, grading all in one time is always more consistent especially when setting grade penalties for various types of errors. This is a process with a high […]

  • AI in Teaching: Understanding Student Needs

    Regardless of the level of teaching, we can list the components of teaching as the following: designing the class, understanding student needs, teaching effectively and responding to those needs, and measuring the performance. Among these components, designing the class and creating the content is done prior to class, and it is subject to updates throughout […]

  • AI in Teaching: Predictive Analytics

    Predictive analytics, as the name implies, aims to predict the future based on historical data in order to eliminate or be prepared to undesired events. Some of the most popular applications are including but not limited to demand forecast and customer retention for retailers, stock market prediction for investors and various financial predictions of banks. […]

  • AI in Teaching: Reflections

    Artificial Intelligence(AI) brings lots of opportunities to the way we operate in our lives, and one of the areas that could hugely benefit from AI is higher education. In my other posts, I mentioned three main aspects in which teaching might make great use of AI: Understanding Student Needs, Predicting Student’s Success, and Grading – […]