An Introduction


My name is Delanie, and I prefer she/her pronouns. I’m a senior History major with plans to pursue a Graduate Degree in Library Science.

I’m not the best at talking myself up, so I asked my friend to list some things that make me “memorable.” In summary, they said to mention how much I value music and literature (which is immensely). I am an amateur pianist and drummer, and I am a part of Virginia Tech’s student radio, WUVT. Poetry is my favorite form of literature, and I love reading/hearing other people’s work. I plan to get involved with WUVT’s literary magazine this semester and to help organize Virginia Tech’s literary festival, Glossolalia.

In response to the question of what I am looking for from this class, the best (and vaguest) answer I can give that I am looking to learn. One of my closest friends is a Women and Gender Studies minor, and they love to talk about sexuality and gender. What they’ve taught me really encourages me to learn more about the subject. I see this class as helping me do that in a historical context, which is important to me because of my major.

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