Never Discourage Youth

After last night’s class, I just had to hit the blog again.  I (we) had another example last night of a teacher/counselor that told a student that “they couldn’t do…” or “they would never do…” something with their education/lives/etc.  This burns me up!  I would like to think that educational authority figures would be doing everything they could to encourage young people, not crushing out whatever sparks may be there.  This is kind of like playing God.  The authority figure is potentially limiting the potential of a person who is in a very formative stage.  Yikes!    I remember reading a biography of a scientist/educator (I don’t remember who) some years ago, and I vaguely remember a saying this scientist/educator had.  I tried to google variations of the saying to try to track down the person and the exact quote, but I didn’t have any luck.  Anyway, the point of the quote was that when it comes to education/livelihoods:  “Never discourage youth”  

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