Millennials and Old Farts

Well, I just took the “millennial test” – and, as expected, I scored “old fart.”  Because – hey – that’s what I am!  A good, solid “15.”  Of course, I knew as I was taking the test that if I admitted to having tattoos and piercings in unmentionable (at least by MY generations’ standards) areas of my body, as well as admitted to not having a landline, and spending all day texting and playing games on a phone that was smarter than I, that I could have “raised” my score.  But – what of it?  This is right up there with not having ever had a blue M&M!  These factors may indeed define a slice of new or old citizens, but didn’t we already know that?  And are blue M&M’s and tattoos the ultimate determinant of a “mindset,” or just the latest fad for a bunch of “whipper-snappers”?  Every generation has to have it’s fads.  I knew that when I was growing my hair long and smoking but never inhaling! 

And what happens to millennials when the high winds of a “dewretched” hit and knock-out all the power to the cell towers?  They’re adrift in an ocean!  My generation can live without cell-phones.  After all, we grew up inventing games around sticks and stones!  🙂

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