LSU vs AAUP – The Footballs Are Professors!

By googling “academic freedom,” I came across the website for the American Association of University Professors – AAUP.  This site has a bunch of good pages and links, including the definitive document on academic freedom and tenure:

Of particular interest on the AAUP website was their “censured” list – the university bad-boys:

I checked out one of the 2012 listings – LSU.  The report is very detailed and sobering.  The LSU report describes the results of two investigations – one mistreatment apparently inspired by national politics and/or the fear on the part of administrators of possibly losing research money, while the second instance involved a faculty member who apparently tried to teach a rigorous and meaningful biology class to uncaring undergraduates (gasp!).  Check this out at:

If this doesn’t cause you to shiver at least a little bit, you’ve got ice water running through your veins!

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  1. This definitely causes me to shiver! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. To think that the professor was assigning grades to students as she saw fit! This is very disturbing.

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