Faculty Duties

Thank goodness for Google!

 I started thinking about “faculty duties,” and I figured I was a little “stuck.”  Sure, I could think of “teaching, publishing, and advising”; but that seemed brief.  A quick googling fleshed things out.

 For example, http://www.microsoft.com/education/en-us/training/competencies/pages/Professor.aspx revealed a laundry list that I quote below:

 “Responsibilities of college and university professors usually include:

  1. Prepare and conduct lectures and seminars to undergraduate and graduate students
  2. Publish empirical and theoretical research in a variety of scholarly journals
  3. Advise students with respect to academic performance, career opportunities, and pursuit of advanced degrees
  4. Mentor and advise new academics, typically teaching assistants, research assistants, and junior faculty members
  5. Carry out administrative and managerial duties, including chairing committees, serving as head of an academic department, and representing the university in the community at large “

 If you’re interested in Bill Gates’ thoughts on the core competencies that go along with these responsibilities, check out the link above.  You might not have to be a saint according to Gate’s, but it sure won’t hurt if you are!

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