Teaching and Mentoring

Teaching: While earning my master’s degree, I served as a TA every semester for theĀ general chemistry labs. I learned a lot about different learning types while serving as a TA. My largest takeaway from this experience is that people learn best by working hands on. When people have to go through the motions themselves, they are able to make stronger connections than if they are just idly listening.

Mentoring: While earning my degrees, I have mentored 5 undergraduate students through their research projects. I have helped them get through small day-to-day issues in their research as well as with writing and presentation style.

Coding workshop: I have learned a fair amount of coding languages and software. With my knowledge, I decided to put together a summer 2018 coding workshop to learn Python and Igor. We met once per week throughout the summer. Students were given tasks to complete with each of the languages for the week. When we met, we went over the task and students were able to get assistance with any issues they had and learn new techniques from me and their peers.