To Switzerland!

I am finishing up some final things in preparation for GPP 2019! It has been crazy for the past couple of weeks between preparing for this trip, the semester ending, and my research picking up.  This has left little time to think about the trip itself. It’s the day before and I haven’t even packed yet! Given that I have been so busy, I have had little time to think about my expectations. What I do know, is that I am very excited and am hoping to meet some awesome people and eat some delicious food.

I am very excited to learn more about the Swiss education system and understand the type of diversity they see in their classrooms and work spaces. This has been a topic of interest of mine for a long time. I think about it frequently in my everyday life because our push for diversity enhances my ability to succeed. In my field, it has been standard to be the minority gender in the room and this is the case in my lab. I am very interested to learn if Europe has a similar situation and if it is a concern or priority if they do. In looking at job postings in Europe, they always say, women and minorities are encouraged to apply. I am curious to find out if they are applying AND getting the jobs. Finding out this information is contingent on talking to the right people while in Switzerland. These types of question may even be seen as contentious in everyday life here, at VT, so I am reluctant to even be asking. Regardless, I am very excited to learn and be enlightened by all the new information I will learn and take back with me. I am sure there will be questions I didn’t know I had until I am there. I will update along the way!

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