Atmospheric Measurement Techniques – an open access journal

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (AMT) is an international open access journal that works to promote research in new tools and technologies for understanding our atmosphere and/or analyzing atmospheric data. The ‘headquarters’ for this journals appears to be the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz Germany.

Their subject areas include development, intercomparison, and validation of new measurement instruments and techniques for data processing of gases, aerosols, and cloud composition. All papers submitted to this journal need to be related to furthering knowledge in atmospheric science. They welcome physicals instruments and techniques as well as models and validation of models for furthering our understanding of the atmosphere.

Though they say nothing open why they are open access or how they are furthering that endeavor, they do discuss their peer review process. Some papers can pass a rapid access peer review and are therefore immediately published on the Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussion website. If a paper goes here, they are subject to an interactive public discussion. All discussions between anonymous reviewers and the authors are public. In the second stage of peer-review, the authors make the suggested changes and the paper is published to AMT.

This is an interesting peer-review process for me. It doesn’t seem that the most qualified people are always commenting on these papers and so I question if these papers are the best quality as a result.

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