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Why some people don’t tie their shoes

Alright, so I’m one of the people mentioned above. I don’t always tie my shoes. Now this post is more of a thought rather than a discovery, but I do think its a question that should be answered. As a kid (probably in 7th grade) I remember my friend sammy wearing a pair of Adidas roundhouse. They were definitely a clean pair of shoes and I was jealous, but one thing stuck out to me more than anything else. His shoes were purposely untied. Not untied to the point where they were just hanging out over the shoe creating a tripping hazard, but rather just tucked into the top loop and hanging out enough to be noticeably untied. Now why would anyone do that I thought? so I asked him. His response kinda confused me but it made perfect sense. “It looks cool, idk”. He was right, it did look pretty cool. It gave off that lazy attitude of “I don’t care” whilst also presenting itself in a clean manner as they gently flopped out of the sides of the top lace hole.

So of course I started doing the same thing, but only with select pairs of shoes. Girls would question my motives thinking it was weird, but eventually more and more kids I came in contact with would be doing the same thing. Eventually it was just an afterthought.

Apart from just looking cool I decided to do some research as to why other people do it. The most frequent answers included, “to reduce tension if the shoe was too small”, “to prevent creasing of the shoe”, “because I never learned how to tie shoes (sad)” and to “give a clean look”. Now these all make sense to me as Ive done all the above for similar reasons. Also sometimes you’re just in a hurry and don’t want to bother with bending over and tying shoes.

My conclusion is this. As long as your shoe laces aren’t flopping all over the ground and creating a hazard for yourself and others, you should be able to wear your laces however you want. That being said, if you see me not tying my laces, any of the aforementioned reasons may be my motivation. But feel free to ask, I don’t mind. 

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