Faculty: Living to Love Learning

The word faculty is described by the Oxford English dictionary as ‘The power of doing anything; a kind of ability; branch of art or science; and conferred power, authority, privilege’.  To be considered a faculty member one should have applied their power to do anything in a way that refined a specific ‘kind of ability’ and now be cognizant and respectful of the ‘Conferred power, authority, and privilege’ that come with the position and title.

Your power and authority are derived from the respect that students, other faculty, and society give to people in your position.  Your privilege is the freedom to develop the respected individual into a member of society who…

…inspires others to pursue their passions
…is an expert in their field
…loves learning with contagious ferocity
…pushes others to discover their potential
…can be a mentor to their students
…embodies what they teach and preach
…is a role model on how to live

…is willing to question how things are done in an effort to improve the very systems within which we all operate.  A Faculty Member is an individual component of a larger organization that is instrumental in preparing young people to become active and educated global citizens.  Every Faculty Member should be actively and regularly engaged in asking themselves…Are my students impacted in the way I am intending and how are those impacts helping my students develop into better global participants.

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