It’s Time to…

…awaken, explore, and question, or perhaps doze, hide, and accept it’s up to your brain and its boundaries.


It is nothing more than a word, concept, or frame within which we as humans can place meaning.  Four simple letters whose meaning morphs depending on your/you/a/the…

“Birth, culture, Perception, norms, Emotion, Engagement, Clocks, The Sun, The Moon, your point of reference, The Galaxy, The Universe, History, Added Time, Rites of passage, The seasons, A sequence, The calendar, year, season, month, week , day, minute, second, dependence, late, timely, punctual, tardy, c, importance, wasted time, burning time, aging, time zones, death”

It is an evolving entity that has been said to speed up with age.  Does that have to do with the amount of time you have experienced and your relative perception of the length of a minute to all of the other minutes you have existed.  The second minute you are alive represents 50% of your life and may seem to last an eternity.  I’m not sure though I can’t remember even close to that far back.  On the other end of the spectrum at an age of 70 a new minute of time represents only 1/36792000th or .00000272% of your collective existence.

We only exist on this earth in this form that we understand for a limited time.  You can control that frame of existence to some extent by diet, exercise, and habits but despite our best efforts everyone must eventually succumb to their genetic count down.  Is it this inevitable ending that mobilizes us as a society to avoid “Wasting Time”.  Could it also be societal expectations that create the self-conscious, cross-examination of our internal effectiveness at producing something “Productive” or “useful” with our time here on earth?  To even begin to define these terms we would need to understand the frame with which an individual approaches the world.  What is important to them and how do they define success.  To some the meaning is attached to money, others focus on experience, friendship, work, drugs, family, the divine, crossing off To-Do Lists, or something else entirely.

Is this thing we call time an “an administrative convenience or a cognitive necessity?”

The impossibility of agreeing on the importance of a particular “Time Frame” leaves it up to society to interpret, teach, and coach individuals how to travel through time within the right “Frame of Mind”

Who’s perception drives the vicious loop depicted here?
xkcd recursive loop

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