Taking a Clear Sight

“A few decades hence it will be easy to describe the revolution in human perception and motivation that resulted from beholding the new mosaic mesh of the TV Image.  Today it is futile to discuss it at all”

The same year that AT&T launched Telstar, “the first satellite to carry TV broadcasts” McLuhan is discussing the impracticality of attempting to understand the current revolution that was happening as a result of the mass adoption of a new medium.  This satellite made possible internationally relayed broadcasts and 1962 was ten years before color TV’s would become the norm in the American household.

Currently I find myself in a society where the mediums available with which you can share a message are transforming continuously.  While the majority are tethered to the internet in some capacity the methods with which they allow you to access that knowledge database are in a constant state of flux on both hardware and software fronts.  Is it worthwhile to discuss the potential and hypothetical changes that may be going on in response to the changing mediums?


McLuhan also shares that “It is necessary to understand the power and thrust of technologies to isolate the senses and thus to hypnotize society”.  I wonder how he might encourage us to reach a state of understanding without discussion about the issues at hand?

A.J. Liebling said that “A man is not free if he cannot see where he is going, even if he has a gun to help him get there”.  What might the gun of the average American be as they are going about their day.  And how do you distinguish between an individual employing agency in order to use that tool for maximum effect and one who is bound to their device a slave to its actions and unable to escape.

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