A Slow Explosion

“Well we got no Choice”

The school systems have kibbled our thought into uniform, tasteless dog-food.

“Cause they found new toys”

Something called the standardized test has pressured educators and students alike to perform well on the “high-stakes” testing.  This has resulted in more drill and practice instruction.

“School’s out for summer…out forever…been blown to pieces”

The explosion is happening right now.  We as a society are becoming more aware that “Anyone retaining his natural mental facilities can learn anything practically on his own, given encouragement and resources” and the resources are no longer locked up in a school or library.  They are…anywhere.  If you’re connected that is.

“No more…pencils…books…teacher’s dirty looks”

The glares, snaps of the ruler, and external motivators may be unnecessary if Nelson is right when he shares that “Everything is interesting until ruined for us.  Nothing in the universe is intrinsically uninteresting”.

“We got no…class…principles…innocence”

The trick will be to maintain the valuable aspects of our educational system as the structure transforms or disappears entirely.  When any and all information becomes available how do we learn to determine its validity?

“School’s out completely”

The screen is ever-present in your average American’s life.  Nelson believes “computer screens can make people happier, smarter, and better able to cope with the copious problems of tomorrow…When you can’t tear a teeny kid away from the computer screen, we’ll have gotten there”.  I’m curious where there might be.

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