A Future Project

There is a project that has set out to Revolutionize Education.  They started in 2011 and they seem to be headed in the right direction.  The Future Project as they call themselves believes that in order to reverse the educational crisis we as a country need to refocus our view on the real problem.

The crisis they point out is that:

“70% of students in this nation feel school isn’t relevant to their lives. One in every four drop out. And worse, three in four check out.”

If 25% of the students are leaving the school system for good and the other 75% have checked out then I would agree that we have a problem on our hands.  In fact it leaves you wondering who the 7.2 million teachers in this country have left to pass on their knowledge too.  This project offers a potential solution to the crisis that revolves around reenergizing the school instead of rebuilding it from the ground up.  Their hope, as I understand it, is to instead rebuild the school from within by empowering the students and focusing on the real problem.

“We trusted our gut that the real problem was the way we think about and structure school – as places of achievement, not aspiration; exams, not exposure; grades, not growth; performance, not passion.”

When achievement, exams, grades, and performance are considered as a representation of what schools are made up of they look like shallow metrics when compared against aspiration, exposure, growth, and passion.  If you had to choose four words you would want to describe the place that your child will spend over 157,680 hours of their life which ones would they be?

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