Moments in Time

There are beautiful moments happening on beautiful mornings, all over the globe, all the time, sort of.

What is actually happening is an arc of morning is racing across the surface of the earth as Pre-dawn is transformed into morning.  So these moments can only be happening on a sliver of the available 510 million square kilometers of water, rock, dirt, sand, ice, snow, and biology that the earth bares to the heavens.  The width of that sliver depends on the number of seconds you personally, a solitary human, associate with the word morning.

But it’s the moments not the mornings that seem to carry the importance.  Many mornings have passed through regions of the Pacific Ocean without impacting any humans.

When we choose to share our moments with those people who didn’t experience the morning do those involved in the sharing miss a bit of the experience?  The question is if I choose to share a bit of a moment with someone somewhere else have I chosen to devote a bit of my attention to that someone or more accurately perhaps have I chosen to devote a bit of my attention to the process or actions required to do the sharing?  And if I have chosen to split my attention have I also make the decision to divert my attention from the moment at hand?  Can you choose to share a moment with someone not present and fully engage with the moment at the same time?

All of these questions bring seem to bring another question to mind which is what do I mean by “fully engage with a moment”?  And how does one most effectively perform such an action?  Is it even possible?  To me fully engaging in the moment is to let everything else drop away and to focus entirely on the stimuli that are presently entering your body.  The ability to reach this state of mind is rare and most often happens when I’m riding my bicycle.  I would be interested in hearing what you have to do in order to let all aspects of the past and present drop away?

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