The Time in the Day

Gardner Campbell spoke of a revolution in which we are currently entangled.  This revolution is happening as we explore the capabilities of this creature we have named the internet.  Through this tool we are uncovering a previously unknown capacity for expressive capability.  As was brought up in our first session together Clay Shirky shares this view and has been quoted as saying “The moment we are living through is the largest increase in expressive capability in human history”

This increase in expressive capability has quickly infiltrated almost every aspect of our daily lives.  Yet we as a society, perhaps, are still unaware of the full impact that this transformation will have.  Ignoring the positive effects of this, “time saving”, “educational”, and “connective” technology, to name a few examples, is impossible.   Equally ludicrous would be pretending that this trend is going to slow down let alone reverse, by any extension of the word.  The time we find ourselves in is a fascinating one where at the press of a button I can bring the face of a friend or family member into “my reality” from anywhere in the world.

In response to an internal desire to better understand my thoughts and emotions surrounding this inevitable transformation coupled with the gentle prodding of a colleague or two I am now committed to investing some of my Time each day to a class on Cognition, Learning, and the Internet.  I am excited to learn from everyone in the class.  I am eager to study and discuss stories from when the Internet was still an infant.  And I am enthusiastic about having my boundaries pushed a bit in a field I have always hesitated to embrace.

We all have the same amount of Time in the Day and it is our choice on how we spend it.  I decided to use a bit of that Time to explore this new medium for Expressive Capability.  I do this with a bit of hesitation for it was mentioned in class that “By increasing Expressive Capability you decrease the ability to make use of that ability”.  Does that translate to a larger chunk of our Time spent trying to make use of the mediums for expression?  And in the digital world where exploring Expressive capability is often done sitting in front of a screen I wonder at what we have given up in order to express ourselves?

In an attempt to manage accounts on Facebook, Linked-in, Google+, Twitter, Email, Delicious, and Vimeo while keeping up with my text messages and phone calls  I spend more time in front of the screen than I did five years ago.  I wonder at what I did before I had all of this?  Do you remember a time before connectivity? And I want to know if anyone shares my occasionally strong urges to disconnect completely?

The Time in the Day is fixed a good question might be how conscience are you of how you spend it?

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