Screen Time

Right now I sit in front of my computer screen.  I sit and I attempt to capture in the English language my thoughts and musings.  The attempt is not perfect.  I will not capture the pure essence of what is circling in my mind but the attempt to reach that perfection is valuable.  While it is valuable to strive for that perfection it is arguably more important to never let the fear of never reaching this “ideal” state stop or even slow my attempts.  Learning is a process, an experience, and without failure in these attempts I wonder if any of us can really “Learn”.

This attempt, this learning experience is one that is structured by the tools I am learning with.  I write in English, I type on my laptop, my prose is projected in pixels,  I can use spell check and could instantly lookup something I am curious on the pervasive internet should I be so moved during the middle of this learning experience.

I wonder at how the tools we use structure our learning and how aware we are of that fact during the learning experiences?  I am not interested in making a claim that any one method is better than the other but fascinated by the variety of experiences one could have in capturing thoughts through the written language.

Is your attempt full of the continuous edits and automatic spell checks that are the norm for typing or are your errors in an attempt toward perfection captured by the permanence of pen and paper?  Chalk on Slate, Marker on Whiteboard, Pencil on a 2×4, crayon on a cereal box, paint on parchment, charcoal on sandstone,  the options for transcribing something are endless and each and every one will offer a different tactile, sensory experience.  Each and every one has its own strengths and weaknesses and is best suited for a particular environment.  They are all important and they all affect the process of capturing your thoughts in a slightly different way.  In an attempt to reach perfection there are more options than this screen that I sit in front of and it is important that we try as many as we can while we can.  The screen is gaining popularity and is becoming pervasive.


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