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Just as the “Hello World” prompt is often the first output ever generated by someone learning a new programing language this post will be my first foray into the world of blogging.  This is a place with which I am not comfortable in.  Yet this is a place that I am eager to explore largely because of Dr. Campbell’s incredible enthusiasm towards both the power and meaning behind blogging.  Dr. Campbell spoke of the Internet and computers in ways that had never crossed my mind.  Instead of a tool to be used Dr. Campbell referred to Alan Kay’s statement “The computer is an instrument whose music is ideas”.  He encouraged us to “join the band” and I am eager to try my luck pickin’ on the street corner with my colleagues.  Some seem to play elegantly already but others like myself are just taking their instruments out their cases.

2 thoughts on “Hello Blog

  1. David — I admire your curiosity and am delighted that you are willing to “join the band” and in doing so contribute to the Noosphere. Anyone who remembers the Alan Kay quotation of which Dr. C is so very fond and cites it in his first blog post has my attention. I am truly looking forward to your posts. I enjoyed the 200% planning for 50% with an emphasis on flexibility (a la the engaging Michael Blackwell, a fabulous teacher). That is great advice for all teachers, newbs and vets alike.

    • Dr. Fowler,
      Thanks for the note. “Joining the band” has been a fun exploration of the positive opportunities that technology has created. As someone who grew up on a nature preserve and who actively finds ways to escape cell phones, dare I say, it’s a bit fun practicing my “Chords” and doing a little reflective writing in the process.

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