Thesis Advisor

I met with Dr. Quigley again this past week and asked him if he would be willing to be my thesis advisor. He agreed, but again mentioned that I may need to seek some advice from an anthropologist in the Religion and Culture department. He asked me if I had thought any more about the focus of my thesis and recommended I speak to a few more faculty members. I spoke to Dr. Milteer and Dr. Wallenstein this past week about their research and my thesis topic. Dr. Milteer seemed very interested in the past and modern abolition movements and he suggested I begin to look at the two groups use of images, especially “white slaves” as an abolitionist strategy. Dr. Wallenstein thought this could be promising when I mentioned is during our meeting. Like Dr. Milteer he thought this was a good starting point for my research and a means to narrow the broad topic of abolition. I look forward to talking to Dr. Quigley about the idea and discussing some of the articles I found this coming week.