Database Mining

I began searching WorldCat for information related to my topic. I use the advances searching option and searched for the phrase “white slaves” (in quotes) AND “abolition,” using the keyword setting only. The search returned just over 20 results and most of these were books not currently on my radar. I added two secondary sources to my EndNote account and rated each with a 2. Both books are available at the VT library and I plan to get them this week. I then searched for “antislavery” AND “human trafficking” (no quotes) and the results were not very surprising at first glance. Many of the works were already either on my desk or in EndNote. After scrolling through the 50+ results I was surprised to find a book published in 1855 by the American Antislavery Society titled, White Slavery in the United States. The book was not available at VT and is not available through Iliad due to its age, rarity, and subject matter. It is available for viewing in the Special Collections Library at UVA, so perhaps I will be visiting Charlottesville soon. First I plan to check their digital library and the Virginia Heritage site to see if it available in an electronic format.
Next, I performed the same searches in America: History and Life. I was a bit surprised to only have 5 results returned with the first search. One was a dissertation and the rest were articles found in the journal Slavery and Abolition, which is available at VT upon request (it is located in remote storage). The second search 4 results. Again I was a little surprised. All four of the articles were worthy of review and I rated each with a 3 and added them to my citation tracker.