The Role of Glass in Ancient Civilizations (Narrow Topic)

The innovations and changes brought about by ancient civilizations are so plentiful that it is easy to overlook the development of glass, a material ubiquitous in modern society. Glass, however, is indicative of the developments seen throughout ancient history.  Glass was discovered accidentally and independently amongst cultures far removed.  It served as a means of transferring wealth, thus affecting trade between civilizations. It requiredgreek glass specialized skills to craft.  Glass, also, transformed from a substance of little functional use to one that vastly changed human lives.  It is in these areas that a study on the history of glass and glass making will be useful, for on a small scale the material demonstrates the nature of technological development during ancient times.


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A useful source in describing the nature of glass as stringed beads, molded forms, and also of the human learning experience involving glass blowing. The book also discusses glasses modern significance.  There are numerous photographs of both early and modern glass technology.

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A book that provides a useful description of the broad implications of glass materials through history. The source begins with a description of glass’s early formation by Egyptians and Mesopotamians and following its significance into the European renaissance and scientific revolution.

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