Teaching Philosophy

I believe that instruction should be learner-centered and engaged as much as possible. I consider my role as that of a facilitator rather than a teacher – I endeavor to provide a conducive learning environment that provides psychological safety to students, such that the students are willing to actively participate physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially in class discussions. I believe that learning should be cooperative and problem-based. As a result, I often make my students solve problems in groups, engage in group projects, and present in groups. Moreover, to promote rich discussions, I ask higher level questions that require deeper and critical thinking from students. In addition, I try as much as possible to decenter power by allowing my students to regulate some aspects of their learning. For example, I could sometimes allow my students to decide how they want their grades distributed and weighted. In conclusion, I realize that every student brings a unique perspective to the classroom and I try as much as possible to leverage those unique experiences for the benefits of everyone – in fact, I learn from all my students.

Courses taught/currently teaching 

LDRS 3014 (Co-instructor of record) – The Dynamics of Leadership (Teaching Assistant). Fall, 2018

LDRS 2014(Fully responsible for teaching) – Principles of Peer Leadership (Teaching Assistant). Spring, 2018

LDRS 3014 (Co-taught) – The Dynamics of Leadership (Teaching Assistant). Fall, 2017