Why followership is as important as leadership

For too long, leadership studies have been leader-centered. Early literatures on leadership have focussed on the traits, behaviors, and abilities of the leader to motivate and influence followers. Followers have always been considered as the recipient of leadership rather than as co-constructors. Consequently, many funding organizations have invested millions in research dollars to study leadership – the leadership industry is now $50 million. It is also common practice for business organizations to send their employees to leadership programs to develop their leadership skills in the hope that such persons would be more productive after attending such programs. However, these leadership programs have not yielded the desired outcome. One possible reason for this might be because an important variable in the leadership equation has been ignored for far too long – this variable is followership. Continue reading Why followership is as important as leadership

Brainstorming on Guns: How effective has it been?

The other day I was watching President Trump having a brainstorming session with those affected by the Florida shooting. Now, if you are remotely connected to the United States, in any shape or form, then you would most likely be aware of the Florida shooting. The “gun debate” has been ongoing in mainstream media and even social media for some time now. However, it has intensified in the past month as a result of the unfortunate shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman high school in Parkland, Florida on the 14th of February, 2018. Following that incident, the president invited those that were affected by the shooting to the white house (such as students, parents, teachers, and school administrators) for a brainstorming session on the way forward. While it might be considered as a good move by the president, at least politically, however, knowing what I now know about brainstorming in teams, I would think it was a bad move.

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Diversity in Teams: Homogenous vs Heterogenous Teams

For this blog post, I would like to reflect on the diversity in teams, comparing the merits and demerits of homogenous and heterogeneous teams. I hope to make an argument for heterogeneous teams while playing devil’s advocate at the same time. Do heterogeneous teams actually have merits over homogenous teams, or is it all in our imaginations?

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