Finding those Great Resources

Last week, wally Newton came to class. I’ve met Wally a couple of times, but I haven’t had the opportunity to really see how he teaches. In fact, I actually didn’t know too much more about him other than that he taught in the PMBA program.

Then he started speaking, and I was excited to hear about everything he did. Why?

Because he was excited!

You can tell that even though starting a business can be really stressful, he gets joy out of it, and he has a passion for helping others getting started.

This weekend, I saw him at the MBA and PMBA mixer. We got to talking, and I mentioned how great it was that he shared with us the story of Portagua. Perhaps he could come back and share the whole story, maybe with some more people from the Portagua team, at an afternoon event?

He said yes.

Chris Gallagher and I now will see what we can arrange next semester. Both he and I agree that getting to see a case that is happening right in our own neighborhood will be truly valuable. Ideally, this event will spark more interest with companies at the CRC, and we could even have some interns helping over there. I think it also is very important, no matter if you want to be in a start up or be in a big business, that you see how things work out for a firm end-to-end. In some cases those start ups do become big business (Apple, Google, and so on…Smilie: ;).

Wally also offered to introduce me to some folks at the Technology and Toast in a couple of weeks. I guess the saying is, “Better late than never.”

But I know finding Wally as a resource really changes things.

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