NYC and Getting Started

Being in New York City has gotten me thinking about what a company needs to do to get going. There are a lot of people who could sit back, give you feedback, and make you feel cruddy. They don’t have to get their hands dirty, so you suddenly feel like your work didn’t amount to much.

On the other hand, you have so many amazing resources at your fingertips to give you insight. You should be able to bounce your ideas off of professionals who have been there before you.

We are here in New York gathering feedback on a pitch we are making to the Dean in December. We have one presentation, and we have been going through it with various advertising agencies. These people are seeing our project without much introduction, and it is refreshing that we have the opportunity to show people who haven’t been as close to it as we have. Additionally, they are somewhat familiar with our general approach (Social Media), but even our identity is new.

Think of all the great reactions we’re getting.

The most striking feedback, however, is that we are not presenting a pretty package all tied up in a bow. We have a project that will never be finished, but will continue to evolve. That’s something that is hard for people to understand. They want an end result, a way to measure everything with a number. But as someone said to us today, it isn’t just about a number, but it’s about the change. You want to capture the change and see it continuing to move forward.

A business is the same: we hope it will keep evolving. The stakeholders want that to happen, too.

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