Why We Must Write

You are one of the many. Business people are a dime a dozen.

In reality, there are plenty of people out there who can do what we do. It reminds me of people who have looked at paintings by Mark Rothko or Barnett Newman and say, “I could do that. What’s the big deal?”

But did you? Did you do what you say you could do?

When it comes to execution, we know not everyone has the talent (or the motivation) to actually deliver. They could have grand ideas and the noblest of intentions, however, the “getting things done” part of the plan seems to be an obstacle that these people can’t overcome. Somehow anxiety or expectations get in the way, or they can’t understand how to manage projects or groups to get the best outcome. I personally have seen that these kinds of people want everyone to play a role, making everyone accountable.

Well, you know what they say: When everyone’s accountable, no one is.

In a world where everyone could start a business, and technology has brought the marketplace to our fingertips, how do you know who will succeed? The ones to make things happen. The ones who get things done.

Many of my blogging peers are entrepreneurs. I can say a good 80% are currently pursuing their own ventures. The other 20% have ideas, but they are select about opportunities and timing. I do not doubt they will be starting their own companies some time in the future. Is this entrepreneurial group a self-selection on my part? I associate with those who have this business pursuit in common? Or is it an independent trend that those who blog naturally want to stand out? That having our individual voice is one of the reasons we want to take the reigns?

I actually think that the answer to those last two questions is, “yes.”

We write because we want to make things happen and have a voice. The entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t dictate that you must start your company by the age of 30 or forget it. And neither does it mean you have to be anti-corporate. Google was a start up once upon a time, so was Apple, Starbucks, and Netflix. It is the living spirit that keeps those companies going and allows us to be a part of their brands. You do not have to blog to be an entrepreneur, but what better way to have a calling card.

To be known for your ideas and thoughts, and then by the amazing things you have done. That is why we must write.

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