Prehistoric Technology and the Ancient World (Neanderthals) by C. Warner

Prehistoric Technology and the Agricultural Revolution

  1. Bernard Carlson

While this article includes a broad timeframe of events (15billion years ago to 8,000 years) this synopsis will focus on the analysis of Neanderthals.

The title “Neanderthal” is a highly derived descriptor of the Australopithecines family and developed in parallel time to Homo sapiens (aka. US!) Neanderthals had physical characteristics tailored to colder climates – short gruff bodies, additional strength, insulated tissue – while also retaining technological advancements developed by ancestors.

Once the Ice Age began to end approximately 11,700 years ago, the population count of Neanderthals decreased as well. A possible reason for this extinction is hinted in this article: as the worlds climate began changing drastically, the Neanderthals were unable to adapt quick enough. Another reason could be the resulting competition of resources between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals during this global change (Why did the Neanderthals die out?) While Neanderthals were more adapted to close-quarter combat than their Homo sapiens counterparts at this time, the differences in intelligence and technology could have swayed the tide in Homo sapiens favor. Neanderthals were developed for a brute-force lifestyle utilizing strength as their main advantage; in contrast, Homo sapiens began developing a cunning sense of intelligence to better “outsmart” their prey/competition.

Overall, the Neanderthals developed from early humans and adapted to colder climates during the Ice Age. While the true reason (or reasons) for the Neanderthals collapse is unknown, we do know that once the Ice Age ended the steady decline of Neanderthals followed.


Written by Corwin A. Warner

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*For those interested in an additional source describing another theory why the Neanderthals disappeared, click the following link. Do be warned the jokes are crude and some may find the content offensive. Viewer discretion is advised.*